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!!> Reading ➳ The Lost Empire of Atlantis  ➬ Author Gavin Menzies – Pcusati.info Tremendous This Guy Has Done History Like You Would Not Believe Glenn BeckThe Secrets Of History S Most Enduring Mystery Are Finally Revealed In The Lost Empire Of Atlantis Through Impeccable Research And Intelligent Speculation, Gavin Menzies, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of 1421, Uncovers The Truth Behind The Mysterious Lost City Of Atlantis Making The Startling Claim That The Atlanteans Discovered America 4,000 Years Ago And Ruled A Vast Mediterranean Empire That Was Violently Destroyed In 1,500 BC Forget Everything You Ve Ever Thought About The Atlantis Legend Gavin Menzies Will Make You A Believer

10 thoughts on “The Lost Empire of Atlantis

  1. JBradford JBradford says:

    Gavin Menzies is a retired submarine captain from the British Royal Navy, whose retirement hobby is pursuing unlikely beliefs about long past history In this book he recounts his pursuit of a belief that th

  2. Bandit Bandit says:

    I have always been fascinated by Atlantis I also have a strong interest in ancient history So this book was a perfect choice, really, since it deftly combined both topics Sure, Menzies can be accused of maki

  3. Benjamin Benjamin says:

    There are many interesting facts sprinkled in, but it felt to me that this book is a bit out there in terms of scientific robustness Between actual, interesting, hard scientific facts Menzies throw in random,

  4. Les Les says:

    Menzies has done it again Th Lost Empire of Atlantis is filled with speculation taken as fact as he had done with his previous books on pseudo archaeology He may have been in the Royal Navy indicted for a ship

  5. Elizabeth Sulzby Elizabeth Sulzby says:

    This book confirms my thought that I should return to Knossos on Crete Menzies describes other rediscovered palaces of the Minoan era before the great eruption of the volcano on Thera Santorini He also charts t

  6. Jay Jay says:

    Interesting and entertaining premise that the Mediterranean Minoan culture, which flourished circa 2,500 B.C., sailed the globe, explored North America, and even mined copper on what we now know as Isle Royale i

  7. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* says:

    So I recently found out that Menzies basically makes up his own idea of history, and that really depresses me because if they were true I would LOVE to read his books As it is, my dad bought me this one for Chris

  8. Smitha Smitha says:

    I don t recall where I got to know about this book, but I had it in my wish list When I got my hands on it finally, it was amazing how the book took hold of me.Gavin Menzies takes us on his journey to rediscover t

  9. April April says:

    I really expected to love this book, but it didn t hold my interest The author s writing style bothers me I d rather be reading something else.

  10. Tim Tim says:

    Reading this reminded me of a comment I saw on Twitter recently Archaeology isn t really about facts It s about interpretation Menzies certainly does a lot of interpreting in this book To be fair, mainstream archeol

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