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[Epub] ➠ Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883 ➡ Simon Winchester – Pcusati.info The Bestselling Author Of The Professor And The Madman And The Map That Changed The World Examines The Enduring And World Changing Effects Of The Catastrophic Eruption Off The Coast Of Java Of The Earth S Most Dangerous Volcano Krakatoa The Legendary Annihilation In Of The Volcano Island Of Krakatoa The Name Has Since Become A Byword For A Cataclysmic Disaster Was Followed By An Immense Tsunami That Killed Nearly Forty Thousand People Beyond The Purely Physical Horrors Of An Event That Has Only Very Recently Been Properly Understood, The Eruption Changed The World In Ways Than Could Possibly Be Imagined Dust Swirled Round The Planet For Years, Causing Temperatures To Plummet And Sunsets To Turn Vivid With Lurid And Unsettling Displays Of Light The Effects Of The Immense Waves Were Felt As Far Away As France Barometers In Bogot And Washington, DC Went Haywire Bodies Were Washed Up In Zanzibar The Sound Of The Island S Destruction Was Heard In Australia And India And On Islands Thousands Of Miles Away Most Significant Of All In View Of Today S New Political Climate The Eruption Helped To Trigger In Java A Wave Of Murderous Anti Western Militancy Among Fundamentalist Muslims One Of The First Outbreaks Of Islamic Inspired Killings Anywhere Simon Winchester S Long Experience In The World Wandering As Well As His Knowledge Of History And Geology Give Us An Entirely New Perspective On This Fascinating And Iconic Event As He Brings It Telling Back To Life

10 thoughts on “Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883

  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Reading Simon Winchester books is a bit like reading a web page You start in one place, but soon succumb to sundry alluring links On line, of course, we are all much likelier to then wander off on yetlinked tangents, but thankfully, in his actual,

  2. Silvana Silvana says:

    Wow This has got to be the most out of topic OOT book I ve ever read It saddens me to only award it two stars I usually have a soft spot for nonfictions sigh Why on earth did I do that Some of my friends rated it five stars, after all Here s a glimpse of my

  3. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    Simon Winchester could turn your decrepit granny s boring old stories into lively, magical tales He has a way of putting the reader into the past while making them feel as if the historical subjects he writes about are fresh and very much of the present Krakatoa The D

  4. Trevor Trevor says:

    Another masterful book by Simon Winchester I really enjoyed this one so much so that I ve bought a copy for my father for Father s Day When I was in Primary School one of my teachers once spoke about Krakatoa Most of what he said wasn t true, for instance, he said that the tida

  5. Joy D Joy D says:

    Explosions like a battery of guns are heard The lighthouse is hit by a wave and destroyed, ripped off its base, leaving only an amputated stump of jagged masonry An immense wave then leaves Krakatoa at almost exactly 10 00 A.M and then, two minutes later, according to all the instruments

  6. Emily Emily says:

    Over the weekend I read Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded, August 27, 1883, a book in which Simon Winchester has the gall to make fun of a geographically mistitled film called Krakatoa, East of Java, while himself failing to provide an adequate map of the region There are historical maps, there

  7. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa.Simon Winchester does it again He lured me into purchasing this book because of the subject itself the monstrous volcanic explosion that became the byword for catastrophe And once again, Winchester let me down The man does his homework, he gets the research done, and he has his f

  8. Cara Cara says:

    Krakatoa is a scientific history of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, a volcano located on a small island between Java and Sumatra in what is now Indonesia and what was then the Dutch East Indies Like all Simon Winchester books, this one takes a long, erratic detour over the course of a couple hundred pages before actu

  9. Mike Mike says:

    All gone Plenty lives lost. That is the story of Krakatoa, only the 5th greatest volcanic explosion in history but probably the loudest What intrigued me was Winchester s assertion that this natural disaster was the first world wide social media event It happened at a time when communication technology enabled the news to be

  10. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    In Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded Simon Winchester again weaves the subtle magic of telling a factual story with the fascination that is too often reserved for thrillers Krakatoa is a real life thriller, the most long lastingly impressive volcanic eruption in so many ways and all are explored in this book.First there is the histori

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