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!!> Download ➽ Isaacs Storm  ➸ Author Erik Larson – Pcusati.info National BestsellerSeptember 8, 1900, Began Innocently In The Seaside Town Of Galveston, Texas Even Isaac Cline, Resident Meteorologist For The U.S Weather Bureau Failed To Grasp The True Meaning Of The Strange Deep Sea Swells And Peculiar Winds That Greeted The City That Morning Mere Hours Later, Galveston Found Itself Submerged In A Monster Hurricane That Completely Destroyed The Town And Killed Over Six Thousand People In What Remains The Greatest Natural Disaster In American History And Isaac Cline Found Himself The Victim Of A Devastating Personal Tragedy.Using Cline S Own Telegrams, Letters, And Reports, The Testimony Of Scores Of Survivors, And Our Latest Understanding Of The Science Of Hurricanes, Erik Larson Builds A Chronicle Of One Man S Heroic Struggle And Fatal Miscalculation In The Face Of A Storm Of Unimaginable Magnitude Riveting, Powerful, And Unbearably Suspenseful, Isaac S Storm Is The Story Of What Can Happen When Human Arrogance Meets The Great Uncontrollable Force Of Nature.

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  1. karen karen says:

    erik larson is the darling of the narrative nonfiction world, and while this is the first of his books i have read, i ve long appreciated his commitment to cover consistency and then there s this one, breaking up the visual flow written in 1999, this is one of his first, and i can only assume that, along with growing into a particular font and layout groove as his career progressed, he also grew as a

  2. Nathan Nathan says:

    Ever want to read a nonfiction tragedy about a presumptive meteorologist Exactly Still, Isaac s Storm is an engaging cautionary tale, and one with a bit of relevance for America today In fact the book is almost foreshadowing in that it was published just a couple of years before Hurricane Katrina The writing in this book is not nearly as tuned as it is in The Devil in the White City, but Larson is still

  3. LeAnne LeAnne says:

    It s been 15 years since I read this chilling account of the event that annihilatedthan 6,000 American souls in one fell swoop, but it still haunts me As Galveston and Corpus Christie brace themselves for Hurricane Harvey, this fantastic book is fresh on my mind.Today, satellite imagery and long term storm forecasts are standard fare We ve all had televisions since our parents or even grandparents were kids

  4. Matt Matt says:

    When Hurricane Irene made landfall last month, I ll admit to feeling a tiny bit of storm envy Ensconced in landlocked Nebraska, I could only watch on CNN and MSNBC as the winds slashed and the rain pelted and the seas rose Friends on the east coast littered my Facebook feed with updates about closures, storm preparations, and hurricane parties It was the last of these that really made me jealous I love situati

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    Erik Larson delivers every time He has the rare ability to take historical events and weave together yarns that in the end feel like you re reading a page turning novel In Isaac s Storm Larson takes us to a thriving seaside city in Texas circa 1900, to a time when people felt they could control nature He paints the story of how the infamous hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas, on September 8th of that year devast

  6. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    SPOILER FREE This is a book focused on the science of weather If that subject does not intersts you, do not rad this book You must be interested in this science It is a book of non fiction don t expect a book that will relate a harrowing tale of the hurricane that destroyed Galveston in September 1900 You will get that too, but first you must build up to the storm and understand the politics dictating the actions of

  7. & & says:

    What a great story This book just raced along full of facts and interesting detail about a man, a time, and the deadliest hurricane in history I must admit that when this book was first released in Australia I wasn t overly interested It didn t sound like something that would interest me in the slightest How wrong can you be, after picking the book up for the third or fourth time and actually taking the time to see wha

  8. Checkman Checkman says:

    Popular history with just enough science thrown in to explain what happened without causing the reader to go cross eyed Fast moving and engrossing in the tradition of the best suspense disaster fiction only the 1900 Galveston Hurricane was real Somewhere between 6,000 8,0000 people lost their lives and the city of Galveston, Texas sustained a body blow that derailed it s ambitions of becoming one of the largest and wealth

  9. JanB JanB says:

    As with all of Erik Larson s books, this one is well researched and takes the facts and blends them with personal stories Fans of the author will find much to enjoy.

  10. Jim Jim says:

    3.5 At the dawn of the twentieth century American s reveled in new discoveries, new technologies, mastery over everything Isaac Cline, the chief meteorologist at the Galveston, Texas office of the U.S Weather Bureau, was a man of science and believed no storm could do serious harm to the city of Galveston, a growing city destined for a great future In September 1900 this cultural hubris proved deadly.In the summer of 1900 odd t

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