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[Ebook] Germany: Jekyll & Hyde: An Eyewitness Analysis of Nazi Germany By Sebastian Haffner – Pcusati.info After He Moved To Britain From Germany In The S Sebastian Haffner Became So Shocked About The Situation In His Native Country That He Wrote This Book In An Effort To Help People Understand The Danger Hitler Presented To The World Incredibly Accessible, It Is Packed With Acute Analysis Of Both Hitler And The German People And Is A Must Read For Anyone Interested In The Literature Of World War II

10 thoughts on “Germany: Jekyll & Hyde: An Eyewitness Analysis of Nazi Germany

  1. Lewis Weinstein Lewis Weinstein says:

    The sections on Hitler are excellent, providing a 1939 perspective from one of Germany s premier journalists, expressing his profound anger that Germany had allowed a monster to come to power and now had no ability to overthrow him In spite of the trea

  2. Christian Krüger Christian Krüger says:

    Haffner ist auf abenteuerliche Weise von Deutschland nach England gekommen, da schreibt er mitten in die Kriegszeit dieses Buch Er gibt eine gelungene und von der Zeit best tigte Analyse ber das Hitlerreich ab Er fragt sich, was soll mit Deutschland geschehen S

  3. Durus1 Durus1 says:

    Haffner, a German author living in Germany in the 1930s, wrote a prescient and insightful analysis, originally published in London in 1940, on the rise of Nazi Germany and its likely consequences He highlights the ineffectiveness of passive resistance to such a regime I

  4. Elliot Elliot says:

    An excellent book the author writes in 1940 and slices his German countrymen into sensible groups, to answer my toughest question What the heck were they thinking No shortage of belittlement for Hitler I guess that s to be expected He correctly predicts Hitler s suicide and a do

  5. Marin Marin says:

    The idea of a book written before the Second World War and giving an inside view of the Nazi regime looked appealing.Unfortunately I discovered very little I did not know from other books about how the Hitler regime was behaving at the time the style is too convoluted with references uni

  6. Katie Katie says:

    author is chilling in his predictions about the third reich.and what it meant to live in germany at the time.

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